• Client: Explorius Development
  • Location: Odijk
  • Year: 2016

Brugje Odijk

Odijk - The City of Odijk has the ambition to transform a historical site into a unique part of the city with its own strong identity. The commission posed a true challenge due to the municipality’s search for diversity. The diversity was installed by implementing a number of different housing types reflecting a diversity of residential typologies. The location on the historical treeyrad enabled the masterplan to connect to the urban ambiance of the traditional Dutch water towns. A key aim of the masterplan was to enable housing typologies which provide fantastic views of the water.

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Brugje Odijk

Arcadis’s winning entry creates an ecological urban development that reconciles the contemporary demands of the city. The master plan is composed of a neighbourhood, each with their own distinctive atmosphere that are all seamlessly integrated into the surrounding urban and natural structures. Short distances and strong connections between living, working and leisure spaces will ensure a high standard of living.

Furthermore the semi-public urban spaces with residential building blocks complement the public space offering, designed to accommodate specific housing related functions such as community gardens, daycare playgrounds and neighbourhood meeting points. This broad spectrum of public to private green spaces offer a wide range of program for future residents and visitors alike.

Project data

LocationOdijk Google Maps
AssignmentUrban design
ClientExplorius Development
TeamJohn Boon, Timo Cents, Joep van Baast, Hans Smolenaers
Brugje Odijk
Brugje Odijk
Brugje Odijk
Brugje Odijk