• Client: Boxmeer Local Authority
  • Location: Boxmeer
  • Year: 2014

Sterckwijk Business Park Cultural History

Boxmeer - ARCADIS Landscape Architecture was asked to provide the new Sterckwijk business park with an identity.

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Sterckwijk Business Park Cultural History

A great deal of archaeological excavations have been performed in the area, and the rich history has given rise to a number of locations of value in terms of cultural history being brought back to life. Those using the business park, as well as recreational users, are able to relax here as well as learn about the history of Boxmeer.

ARCADIS Landscape Architecture has further elaborated three specific historical locations. In order to create unity and recognisability at the sites, they have all been executed in untreated oak poles. It was decided to cultivate the 'medieval' image, and thus a medieval farm with oak-pole frame was created, as well as a burial mound, and convent garden. A complete signage system was also devised to guide everyone around the locations. The recreational route has to be led over a provincial road, and here too the cultural-historical value was paramount, with this being executed in a medieval style. This means that the rich history of Boxmeer can once again be experienced.

Project data

LocationBoxmeer Google Maps
Size25 ha
ClientBoxmeer Local Authority
TeamTimo Cents, Ferry Streng
Sterckwijk Business Park Cultural History
Sterckwijk Business Park Cultural History
Sterckwijk Business Park Cultural History