• Client: Floriade BV
  • Location: Venlo
  • Year: 2007-2012

Floriade 2012 Innova Plaza Welcome Square

Venlo - The Floriade, the world's largest horticultural expo, takes place once every ten years. ARCADIS Landscape Architecture laid out the Floriade Park according to an integrated approach in which design, engineering and realisation were also included in one contract.

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Floriade 2012 Innova Plaza Welcome Square

Landscape architect John Boon was the chief designer of the team of landscape architects. The Floriade attracted millions of visitors. The central theme of the 2012 edition was 'Be part of the theatre in nature; get closer to the quality of life', based on the concept that horticulture is a decisive factor in quality of life. ARCADIS Landscape Architecture provided the functional, landscape and cultural-technical design for the expo site. The Innova Plaza formed the welcome square for the Floriade.

The Innova Plaza constituted a significant component of the Floriade, since this formed the entrance, as well as the exit, for the exhibition site. This meant that the notions of flow-through, orientation and attractiveness were also highly important in the design. The corridor was seen as a succession of squares and one route that jointly formed the entrance as well as exit of the Floriade. The Innovators were on the Innova Plaza. Visitors arrived to the Plaza over the bridge and walked through the atrium, where the access control took place, onto the Floriade site. From that moment, the visitors saw the pavilion of the National Horticulture Board; the host bids the visitor welcome.

Project data

LocationVenlo Google Maps
ClientFloriade BV
TeamJohn Boon, Kees Neven, Leonieke Heldens
Floriade 2012 Innova Plaza Welcome Square
Floriade 2012 Innova Plaza Welcome Square
Floriade 2012 Innova Plaza Welcome Square
Floriade 2012 Innova Plaza Welcome Square