• Client: Municipality of Maastricht
  • Location: Maastricht
  • Year: 2016

Maastricht Health Campus

Maastricht - ARCADIS landscape architecture is asked to make a new design for the healthcampus for the city of Maastricht. The site entails all the grounds between the N278, A2, Limburglaan and the Oeslingerbaan and contains the academic hospital, Mecc expo, commercial building plot and two neighborhoods. The campus is exposed at the eastside, towards the A2. The highway is currently under renovation, but when completed, the tunnel exists just before campus ground, increasing exposure from the highway.

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Maastricht Health Campus

The campus is surrounded by infrastructure and is even located at important intersections such as Europaplein and the Kennedybridge. This makes the campus easily accessible both local and regional, by bus, car, train of bike. However, the infrastructure also creates a hard edge that surrounds the campus and detaches it from its context. The academic hospital (UMC) forms the focus point and all internal infrastructure (A) is subsequently developed to provide the efficient logistics for emergencies, supplies and visitors. As all major traffic conglomerates in the east of the campus, a complex network of one way streets, parking facilities, bus lanes and emergency entrances overcomplicates the outdoor space and dismisses the use by pedestrians and bicycles. The experiential value of this part of campus is completely dominated by large infrastructure and provides a confusing and unpleasant atmosphere. The west side of the campus shows great contrast. Here, the two neighborhoods Wyck and Heugem(B) have a spacious green setup with two story row housing. Tree lanes, gardens, and a green corridor surrounding the neighborhoods detach them form their surroundings and mask them from sight. The presence of the residential area alongside the Limburglaan creates the impression of a suburban region, thus totally neglecting the presence of the campus behind it. But here, the outdoor spaces are shaped with playgrounds, benches and park like structures. A water body(C) between the two neighborhoods, forms a lifeline of recreational space over the whole length of the campus. However, it is so concealed by greenery that only a few people actually use this space.

Project data

LocationMaastricht Google Maps
AssignmentCampus design
ClientMunicipality of Maastricht
In collaboration withUniversity Maastricht, Academic hospital Maastricht, Maastricht Health Campus BV, the municipality of Maastricht and the province of Limburg.
Maastricht Health Campus
Maastricht Health Campus