• Client: Oude Kwekerij Foundation, Alkmaar Local Authority
  • Location: Alkmaar
  • Year: 2014-2015

'De Oude Kwekerij' Residential Park

Alkmaar - Oude Kwekerij plant nursery as a local park, with the local authority 'only' playing a facilitating role in this.

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'De Oude Kwekerij' Residential Park

This form of collaboration is in line with awarding residents greater responsibility. They were supported by the KNHM. ARCADIS Landscape Architecture was asked to create an appealing design, in which the residents' wishes could be expressed.

A park for everyone means making choices. The old historic lines of the plant nursery remain as an axis, and the old trees from the former municipal nursery and the new picking garden are given a place in this. A winding wall of earth forms the border of the pitch and the open-air theatre's grandstand. An orchard accommodates natural playground equipment, and a water-play area is being created next to an old hedgerow. This makes the Oude Kwekerij a park by and for the residents!

Project data

LocationAlkmaar Google Maps
Size5 ha
ClientOude Kwekerij Foundation, Alkmaar Local Authority
TeamTimo Cents, Hans Smolenaers
'De Oude Kwekerij' Residential Park