• Client: Hollands Noorderkwartier Water Board
  • Location: Hoorn-Amsterdam
  • Year: 2014

Levee Reinforcement Spatial Quality Framework

Hoorn-Amsterdam - The alliance where Arcadis Landscape architecture & urbanism is part of, is reinforcing more then 33 kilometer of the Markermeerdijken between Hoorn and Durgerdam.

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Levee Reinforcement Spatial Quality Framework

The Markermeer dike is the product of centuries of living with the dike and the related requirements and needs, and work on the dike according to the latest know-how on water safety. This has resulted in the dike having followed various courses and taking various forms, from a sleeper dike to the 'modern-day' profile, dating from 1916. Once the reinforcement is complete, the dike will be secure and a new chapter added to its rich history. A reinforcement task of this scope and scale occurs only sporadically. The opportunity has therefore been seized not only to ensure a secure dike but also to reinforce the local economy, the landscape / spatial quality and the recreational structure, while rendering the natural system more robust. In other words, to create a future-proof dike – a monument for the future.

Based on state-of-the-art technology, the relationship with and perception of the dike, the reinforcement truly is an integral reinforcement. The historic dike has been preserved where possible thanks to the use of new dike reinforcement techniques such as the shoreline dike and the breakwaters, or an inland or combined reinforcement structure. Where this was not possible, the dike has been routed outward with the addition of natural qualities: a robust natural system, landscape: recognizable elements, recreation: more extensive, more varied and safer route structure with a series of (small-scale) provisions, economy and waterfronts and cultural history: readable history and symbiosis between old & new.

Project data

LocationHoorn-Amsterdam Google Maps
AssignmentLevee reinforcement
Size33 kilometer
ClientHollands Noorderkwartier Water Board
TeamPeter Westerink, Robbert Jongerius, Joep van Baast, Hanna Prinssen
In collaboration withAlliantie Markermeerdijken
Levee Reinforcement Spatial Quality Framework
Levee Reinforcement Spatial Quality Framework
Levee Reinforcement Spatial Quality Framework
Levee Reinforcement Spatial Quality Framework