• Client: Enschede Local Authority
  • Location: Enschede
  • Year: 2006

Zweringbeek Park

Enschede - The Regge en Dinkel water board is responsible for managing and maintaining the stream, and the Enschede local authority owns and manages the park area. Both bodies jointly sought out possibilities to improve the organisation of the area.

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Zweringbeek Park

In 2006 ARCADIS Landscape Architecture was enlisted to create a design together with residents in which the wishes of the water board and the local authority were combined. The assignment to ARCADIS's Landscape Architecture workshop was as follows: "develop an ecological zone with a water park-like character, with various recreational facilities".

The park is situated between the Ruwenbos residential area and the A35 motorway. There could be no construction under the electricity pylons, between the neighbourhood and the road. It had become derelict land 1.8 kilometres long and 14 hectares large, through which the Zwering stream flows. It was decided to design a resilient stream, flowing through an ecological zone with retention options for the urban area. At the same time the stream had to offer a pleasant and safe living environment. These days, the value of experiencing water in the city is recognised. Water should be beautiful, clean and accessible, and thus offers the city an experience of considerable value. People sit by it, walk and cycle along it, fish in it and live by it. In short: enjoying space, nature and flowing water.

Project data

LocationEnschede Google Maps
Size25 ha
ClientEnschede Local Authority
TeamLeonoor van der Linden
Zweringbeek Park
Zweringbeek Park
Zweringbeek Park
Zweringbeek Park