• Datum: 02-07-2018

Genomineerd voor de WAF awards 2018 met ontwerp Holland Casino

Venlo - Our new landmark for Venlo, the Netherlands, unites imaginative architecture, state-of-the-art sustainability and optimal user experience in one seamless concept. The spectacular flower-shaped design won MVSA and Arcadis the tender for Holland Casino Venlo. Its show-stopping good looks are, from a distance, highly visible, appearing as a welcoming gateway to the Netherlands.

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Genomineerd voor de WAF awards 2018 met ontwerp Holland Casino

The colour-changing interactive façade provides a breath taking light show, emphasizing the sculptural structure. The casino is a natural cohesion between landscape, architecture and interior. A bio based concept, integral collaboration and elaborate C2C ambitions, resulted in the highest sustainability score ever for this type of building.

There are two starting points for this design: maximum sustainability and an optimal user experience. Both themes begin outside the building. The landmark structure is clearly visible from a distance, with its interactive façade offering a lively, colour-changing lightshow for visitors and passers-by. Outside the building too, the flower structures harvest solar energy and fresh air. A multidisciplinary team developed the concept, resulting in a holistic approach to architecture and sustainability. A natural coherence between landscape, architecture and interior is felt everywhere in the self-sufficient building. Materials are biodegradable, natural, or reused.