Areas of expertise

We have been delivering spatial design for prestigious projects for more than 70 years. The one thing that has remained the same over all that time is our passion for the profession, our natural instinct to work together and the power of our imagination. At the same time, we are all unique individuals with our own skills and perspectives. We cherish this diversity and consider it our strength.
We see the impact of a changing climate, we see people continuing to move to cities and becoming increasingly mobile, and we see biodiversity around the world decreasing. We also recognize the fact that ‘experience’ plays an important role in the economy and in society. Finally, we understand the importance of a healthy physical layout for our cities, towns and villages, particularly in the light of the recent coronavirus pandemic.
We design and plan with climate resistance, connection, experience and health in mind. We do this in cooperation with local communities, so we can ensure that both people and nature are taken into account in our design processes. Our project management system allows us to deliver quality on time and in budget. So we can create meaningful, future-resistant places that are not only eye-catching but capture the heart too.