• Date: 28-05-2018

Room for the River project at Port of Tholen complete

Tholen - A flood defense has been constructed at the Port of Tholen. Marine traffic previously had an open passage to the Volkerak-Zoommeer lake. In order to close this off, an extensive cooperative project was set up and a flood defense came out as the preferred option. Arcadis Landscape Architecture worked with colleagues and the contractor Hakker to implement the design.

The flood defense provides the Port of Tholen with protection against high water levels. This is necessary, since the Volkerak-Zoommeer is set to become the largest water-storage body in the Netherlands. This water-storage capacity will be deployed if the Hartelkering and Maeslantkering flood barriers near Rotterdam both need to be shut due to high winds and the Haringvliet sluices are also shut due to high water levels caused by rain. In this event, the river would rise to dangerous levels and the water would not be able to channel into the North Sea. If the water-storage capacity is deployed, the water level in the Port of Tholen could rise by around 2.3 meters. The flood defense was constructed in the harbor in order to prevent water damage to moorings, quay walls and homes.