• Client: CBRE
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Year: 2021-2023

Rooftop gardens WTC Tower Ten

Amsterdam - In Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district, a new high-rise building has been added to the World Trade Center: Tower Ten, an office tower featuring 32.000 square meters of office space. ARCADIS Landscape Architecture and Urban Design designed seven roof gardens for Tower ten – ranging from small green terraces to lush gardens where tenants can work outside or enjoy happy hour drinks.

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In collaboration withKoninklijke Ginkel Groep
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Rooftop gardens WTC Tower Ten
Rooftop gardens WTC Tower Ten

CBRE, the client, came to ARCADIS Landscape Architecture and Urban Design since we have gathered lots of experience and knowledge working on unique and complex roof garden projects, in all phases ranging from preliminary sketches to technical drawings and planting schemes. The goal was to create designs that are both functional and attractive, and that are in line with the high-end architecture of Tower Ten and the corporate character of the World Trade Center.

Some of the gardens had to be built on the roofs of the existing buildings that are attached to the new Tower Ten. Here, we had to consider the limited load bearing capacity of the roofs.

Landscape architect and planting designer Leonieke Heldens explains: ‘The biggest challenge was to create lush green gardens on the roofs of the existing buildings. We solved this by using light materials (in substrate, water supply, etc.), which allowed us to create a green oasis all the way up to the 21st floor.’

In the design, ARCADIS Landscape Architecture and Urban Design also considered lines of sight, for users to experience the roof gardens as green oases with high-quality furnishing and materials. Visually unattractive elements, such as installations, were extracted from the most prominent sightlines.
The rails of the façade maintenance system, on the edges of the roof gardens, were covered by wooden boards. By this, people can walk in these parts of the terraces and enjoy the views of Amsterdam and, when needed, the boards can be opened for maintenance. The space is optimally utilized.

A high-quality collection of seven roof gardens, on different levels of Tower Ten – varying in size and use while embracing unity in its atmosphere and materials. The result is class and lush green gardens up in the sky, with phenomenal views of Amsterdam.