• Date: 06-05-2021

Beautiful blossom at Het Burgje village, Odijk

Odijk - “Large numbers of families in the Utrecht region are looking for suitable living space that fits their lifestyle. Pressure on the housing market means that there is little on offer. So Explorius Vastgoedontwikkeling B.V., based in Rijssen, wanted to create something special in Odijk, for people who appreciate local history, sustainability and social cohesion. As we had worked together successfully before, they asked Arcadis Landscape Architecture & Urbanism to design a development with a small village feel.

Joep van Baast and John Boon decided to keep an existing orchard and Roman burial site, as focal points for the village. Creating the right feel while also finding the perfect location for each home was a real puzzle. Not just the homes but the entire urban design plan was also developed in line with ambitious sustainability principles (GPR Stedenbouw). The result that Explorius has achieved for families in the Utrecht region who were looking for an extraordinary home is fantastic. Our team’s approach has resulted in a sustainable community that has stolen all the inhabitants’ hearts. Particularly when they had a chance to enjoy the beautiful blossom for the first time this year!”