• Client: Limburg Water Authority
  • Location: Limburg
  • Year: 2016-today

Reinforcement of northern Meuse dikes

Limburg - Over the next few years, the Limburg Water Authority plans to reinforce approximately 40 km of dikes at 14 locations between Nieuw Bergen and Thorn. Integral (early) explorations were initiated for 12 locations in 2016.

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Reinforcement of northern Meuse dikes

The Water Authority and the surrounding area takes an ambitious approach to water safety in the Meuse Valley, in a cohesive program of 12 projects for dike reinforcement and river widening. It is not only a technical but certainly also a spatial task. In order to effectively implement the plans while safeguarding the spatial quality following dike reinforcement, the Water Authority requested that the Arcadis landscape architecture & urban development department supervise and design the process.

After all, spatial analysis of the 13 dike routes clearly shows that the flood defense structures did not evolve simultaneously with the landscape, but rather are later additions and are often very varying and fragmented in their appearance. While this can all easily be explained because of the quick and functional nature of their construction, as emergency flood defenses in the 1990s, the dikes are often poorly embedded in the landscape, precisely for that reason. The landscape architects provide direction and inspiration in the planning process for development of alternatives.

Project data

AssignmentDike reinforcement
ClientLimburg Water Authority
TeamPieter Arkenbout, Leonoor van der Linden, Sander Hermens, Joep van Baast, Robert Kruijt, Hanna Prinssen
In collaboration withWitteveen+Bos
Reinforcement of northern Meuse dikes
Reinforcement of northern Meuse dikes