• Client: Regio Venlo Floriade 2012 BV
  • Location: Venlo
  • Year: 2007-2012

Experience Park, Floriade World Horticultural Exhibition 2012

Venlo - More than two million visitors enjoyed the Floriade World Horticultural Exhibition in Venlo in 2012. The largest horticultural exhibition in the world was planned with the future purpose of the site in mind: Venlo GreenPark. This sustainable business park combines work with greenery and relaxation.

Project data

LocationVenlo Google Maps
AssignmentWorld exhibition
Size65 hectares
ClientRegio Venlo Floriade 2012 BV
TeamJohn Boon, Kees Neven, Leonieke Heldens
Experience Park, Floriade World Horticultural Exhibition 2012
Experience Park, Floriade World Horticultural Exhibition 2012
Experience Park, Floriade World Horticultural Exhibition 2012

Arcadis designed the basic park for Floriade 2012 for the host, the Venlo region, and delivered this on time and within the agreed budget. The 66-hectare site, made up of forests and fields, was prepared for the event, which lasted six months. But the focus was also on preparing it for its final purpose: Venlo GreenPark, a high-quality, sustainable business park for the horticultural sector.

Floriade 2012 was a contemporary experience event, with a centuries-old cultural landscape as the backdrop. Arcadis took the final purpose of the location into account in the design for Floriade 2012. The past, present and future are skillfully and sustainably combined in the design. The design team developed five experience worlds within the existing forest. These fives worlds represented the five central themes: Education and Innovation, Environment, Green Engine, Relax & Heal and World Show Stage. The existing forest was integrated into the design, but the historic relics were included too, and made into part of the overall experience. 

Floriade 2012 resulted in a great increase in awareness of sustainability in the region. It has been the driving force behind numerous green innovations: in processes, systems (water, energy, waste, materials and people) and in the field. Arcadis designed and created Floriade 2012 according to the ‘Venlo Principles’, inspired by the principles of the cradle-to-cradle philosophy. 

Visitors rated the park an average of 8.5 out of 10 and CNN named the event as one of the top ten places to visit in the world in 2012.