• Client: Longgang Office of Urban Planning, Land and Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality
  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Year: 2018-2019

Longgang River Park Shenzhen

Shenzhen, China - Cities around the world are having to tackle the vicious cycle of urban flooding, degradation of waterways and excessive extraction of groundwater as a result of rapid urban development in areas prone to flooding. The population of Shenzhen has grown with an astounding speed over the past 40 years, increasing by more than 9 million people The Chinese city is built primarily in the valley of the Longgang river and is confronted with flooding during the heavy rainy season.

Project data

LocationShenzhen, China
AssignmentVision, Master plan
Size50 km²
ClientLonggang Office of Urban Planning, Land and Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality
TeamJohn Boon, Robbert Jongerius, Ferry Streng, Joeri van Trijp, Martijn Loonen
In collaboration withShenzhen University, CRTKL China
Copyright imagesArcadis - CRTKL
Longgang River Park Shenzhen
Longgang River Park Shenzhen
Longgang River Park Shenzhen

We created a master plan for 50 km2 of river improvement in the city, in cooperation with CRTKL and the University of Shenzhen. The starting principle for the plan was the transformation of the canalized river and surrounding industry to create a park-like, natural river with wide banks, functioning as a thread of green running through a new, attractive city center.  The result is a nature-based design in which the natural river system, with its main river and tributaries, and the topography form the blueprint.

The master plan is made up of four separate steps: activation of the main river, recovery of the tributaries, expansion of the green space along the riverbanks and the connection of the green structure with the surrounding mountain landscape. The river system is divided into five themed areas: folk culture, the green movement, ecological recreation, urban landscape and science and education. The team integrated a new urban development that fits the theme for each individual zone of the Longgang River Park.

This park will turn Shenzhen into a climate-resistant city. The green and blue park structures along the tributaries mean that the surrounding mountain landscape is never far away. The river valley is once again visible in the heart of the city, offering shade, fresh air, attractive recreation opportunities and a healthy city lifestyle. The Longgang River Park enriches the quality of life of more than ten million people.