• Client: Northern Holland Water Authority (HHNK)
  • Location: Hoorn-Amsterdam
  • Year: 2014

Markermeerdijken Coastal Zone & Dike Reinforcement

Hoorn-Amsterdam - The Markermeerdijken are the result of a battle with the water over the course of hundreds of years. This can be seen in the twisting and turning line of the dike, the pools behind the dike formed by historic breaches and the forelands. But the granite cladding is very characteristic too. The history of the dike is so unique that it has been awarded ‘provincial monument’ status. The Markermeerdijken between Hoorn and Amsterdam provide protection to 1.2 million inhabitants and EUR 25 billion in economic value. In order to guarantee safety in the future too, these dikes need to be reinforced.

Project data

LocationHoorn-Amsterdam Google Maps
AssignmentDike reinforcement
Size33 kilometers
ClientNorthern Holland Water Authority (HHNK)
TeamPeter Westerink, Robbert Jongerius, Joep van Baast, Hanna Prinssen
In collaboration withThe Markermeer Dikes Alliance (an alliance between the Northern Holland Water Authority (HHNK), Boskalis and VolkerWessels), the Province of North Holland and the High Water Protection Program (HWBP)
Markermeerdijken Coastal Zone & Dike Reinforcement
Markermeerdijken Coastal Zone & Dike Reinforcement

Together with the Province of North Holland, the High Water Protection Program (HWBP) and the Northern Holland Water Authority (HHNK), we drew up the ‘Markermeerdijken Spatial Quality Framework’. This describes the rich history and the present-day challenges and opportunities in terms of recreation, housing, agriculture and nature in the region. 

The continuous cycling and walking link between Amsterdam and Hoorn will be improved, new natural spaces will be formed and recreational sites will be created on and around the dike, as well as a brand-new city beach in Hoorn. The visual-spatial and functional-spatial vision established in the framework will be used as a guide for the ongoing development of the dike reinforcement.

We were also appointed by the Markermeerdijken Alliance (HHNK, Boskalis and VolkerWessels) to deliver the landscape integration design for the dike reinforcement. Due to the rapid growth of Amsterdam and the surrounding area, recreational use is set to increase significantly in the near future. In order to improve the experience along the dike, we have developed a series of ‘dike destinations’; high quality recreational locations, each with a unique offering. The Kinselmeer lake will have a canoeing and swimming jetty; at Zeevang you can view a cross-section of the dike and a secret place will be created between the old and new dikes.  

The Markermeerdijken reinforcement will make North Holland safe and the dike will be adapted to meet modern requirements, with respect for its rich history too.