• Client: G&S Vastgoed
  • Location: Jaarbeursplein, Utrecht
  • Year: 2017-2020

Wonderwoods Towers Gardens

Jaarbeursplein, Utrecht - In 2030 the city of Utrecht will pass the milestone of 400,000 inhabitants. The increasing population will primarily be housed in the inner city. The city council is working to ensure a healthy, sustainable and livable future. The Healthy Urban Quarter - located close to the Jaarbeurs exhibition center - is the first zoning plan to implement the city’s ambitions for a healthy urban lifestyle.

Project data

LocationJaarbeursplein, Utrecht
AssignmentRoof garden design
ClientG&S Vastgoed
TeamRobert Kruijt, Joep van Baast, Ferry Streng, Leonieke Heldens, Wouter Veugelers, Hans Smolenaers
In collaboration withStefano Boeri Architetti and MVSA Architects
Wonderwoods Towers Gardens
Wonderwoods Towers Gardens
Wonderwoods Towers Gardens
Wonderwoods Towers Gardens
Wonderwoods Towers Gardens

We delivered the landscape design for one of the developments in this area: Wonderwoods. The plan consists of two towers, standing at 90 and 70 meters tall respectively, each offering space for living, working, relaxing and having fun. The development brings nature and bricks and mortar together in a unique way. The taller of the two towers - designed by architect Stefano Boeri, known for the Bosco Verticale in Milan - is a vertical forest with planting on the balconies and facade. The MVSA Architects tower has characteristic curves, various roof gardens and lots of greenery on the inside too.  

“The Wonderwoods plan is a great asset to the city. The result will be two unique residential towers that represent the green, healthy and sustainable urbanization that we are working so hard to achieve in Utrecht and which sets the tone for the new Beurskwartier district.”  (Councilor Victor Everhardt)

The landscaping of the roof gardens we have designed is inspired by the nature of the Utrecht Hill Ridge. The trees and plants on, in and around the towers will improve air quality in the city center and help to absorb urban noise.     

The result of our design for Wonderwoods is that people will soon be able to live and work in the center of the city and be surrounded by greenery at the same time. This is our contribution to a healthy and happy lifestyle in the city of Utrecht.